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We are currently only offering one on one classes! 

Or get a group of friends together and make it a fun group! 

We will meet at a coffee shop or library (in a private room). 

Cloth Diaper 101 Class 


Are you interested in learning about cloth diapering? Need a refresher? What to learn what is new?

This is a great class for you! 

Let me tell you, these are not your mama's cloth diapers! Things have evolved quite a bit over the years and the cloth diapers of today are amazing and fun! (What?! Diapering, fun? Yes!  I'm not going to lie... it's addicting!)

We will teach you everything from A to Z in the cloth diapering world. 

The class will include: 

  • introduction to all types and styles of cloth diapers available today
  • mama cloth and menstrual cups 
  • laundering/cleaning
  • buying used and new
  • buying on a budget 
  • best places to buy cloth diapers
  • cloth diapering at night
  • cloth diapering on-the-go
  • supplies recommended 
  • the benefits of cloth diapering
  • and more! 

Price: $40 per session

They are informative and FUN!