Why Choose HypnoBirthing®?

First of all, we feel that any childbirth class, no matter what style, is beneficial to the family if that course meets the family’s needs. One main difference between us and other hypnosis for childbirth classes is that we believe in the pure perfection and strength of your own body and the birth process. We encourage you to rely on your inner birth intuition and not as much on multiple cd’s and scripts. HypnoBirthing® classes are simply put and easy to practice!

 * Original Method: other natural childbirth classes are based on HypnoBirthing® The Mongan Method, what we teach is the original! {When seeking out a HypnoBirthing practitioners look for the NEW SEAL and check out the HypnoBirthing® Institute’s Practitioner page to find a certified instructor in your area. Those without the new seal  and are not listed are not affiliated with the HypnoBirthing® Institute.}

* The Pain Assumption: Many childbirth classes “assume” pain and how to deal or cope with that. We refute the belief that pain is an inherent part of labor and birth. That’s not to say that we guarantee a pain-free birth but we do give families the tools to be as comfortable as possible. HypnoBirthing is based on the Fear – Tension – Pain concept. We believe that “When a healthy woman, carrying a healthy baby, experiencing a healthy labor, trusts birth, is free of fear, and is appropriately relaxed, her body will function normally without  pain or incident” – as the rest of nature births.

**In addition to assuming pain, some hypno-courses teach that hypno-anesthesia is the only way to achieve comfort during labor. Women have been birthing for thousands of years without numbing medication and childbirth  “methods”. Hypnosis is meant to change negative beliefs and to imprint positive impressions so that when it is time for the birthing she trusts her body and is free of fear. When we teach that the only way to get through labor is with an anesthetic (hypno or otherwise) we imply that “birth itself doesn’t work”. We empower families through education, fear release and relaxation techniques so that birth works as it should; as it has since the beginning of birth.

* Complete childbirth preparation: HypnoBirthing classes provides a complete picture of the labor process, birth and bonding. We explain how the uterine muscles work in harmony with our breath and how fear and hormones affect the birthing process. The anatomy of the birthing body and the birthing process is explained simply using gentler language. We teach families to choose, engage and work with the care provider attending the birth (creating the best care *team* for the family’s goals). We also teach normal birth planning and how to remain flexible in the birth process.

* Focus is on the method: HypnoBirthing® classes focus mainly on how to get out of the head and tune into (and trust) the birthing body, relaxation and deepening, release of fear, birth companion support, normal birth planning, bonding and how to ask questions in the process to feel empowered to make decisions and more.

* Evidence Based Outcomes: The HypnoBirthing® Institute is constantly collecting data from the families we teach so that we can present transparent outcomes.