Birth Philosophy

I have a favorite quote that I always remind the birthing moms: “She believed she could, so she did.” It applies to pregnancy, labor, birth and beyond. I believe in YOU and your ability to birth, whether naturally, with or without pain medication, or via C-section. 

I am a certified HypnoBirthing® doula working with both HypnoBirthing and non-HypnoBirthing families. I started out as a childbirth educator, and after attending a friend’s birth, I knew immediately that I wanted to become a doula to help others through the wonder of the birthing process. 

I have two beautiful children- My first birth was with pitocin and an epidural, and my second was a natural, pain medication-free birth. The experiences set an excellent, much-needed foundation for me to understand and know the birthing process. To get me where I am today, I sought out the education and birthing experience which has enabled me to be witness to and help with many amazing births. 

My goal is to help you have the birth you desire—or as close to it as possible (special circumstances happen!). Whether we pull tools out of my Mary Poppins bag, try different positions or you just need a hand to hold, I will be there for you. As the saying goes: your partner knows you, and a doula knows birth. 

Congratulations! And as I always say, “You are going to rock it, mama!”

Doula/Birth Support Package


*Initial Meeting - this is your time to interview me and decide if I am a good fit for you and your birth! (Free of course)  We will meet at a coffee shop or such.

*Prenatal Meeting - If you decide to hire me as your doula, we will meet to discuss your birth plan (or work on making one), how you envision your birth going, how you picture me assisting in your birth, and just generally get to know you (and your birth companion if you'd like)! 

*2nd Prenatal Meeting (optional) - If we need to finalize a birth plan, you'd like to learn more about cloth diapers or would like a car seat check (included in the package).  

We check in via text or phone call often until 36 weeks when we check in weekly.

*Labor and Birth - I am on call anytime (not just 38 weeks to 42 weeks like others) day or night.  I will come to your home or to the hospital when you are ready for me.  I will stay with you for your entire labor and birth and then 1-2 hours after. I have my huge bag full of comfort measures, oils, music, candles, a rebozo and even a exercise ball if you do not have one.  We can work on positioning and relaxation exercises as well.  Your birth partner is your right hand, and I will be your left (or both!).

*Postpartum visit - About 1-2 weeks after baby has arrived, I like to come to your home for a visit.  This is to see how you are doing, discuss your birth and give any support you need.

Serving the Denver Metro Area (From Castle Rock up to Louisville/Boulder).

Homebirth, Birth Center or Hospital Births welcome!

Call or text or email to set up your free initial meeting or if you have any questions.


Rose Medical Center

I am part of the Rose Doula Connection Program as well.  If you are birthing at Rose Medical Center or in the Rose Birth Center, you have the option of going through their program. We have monthly meet the doula nights where you can pick from myself or six other amazing doulas.  We all have special privileges, are known among the staff/nurses and are welcomed back to go in the operating room for c-sections. 

The price is $450 flat rate.

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